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Stacey, now a licensed lawyer in China



Testimonials-Some of our successful students!



Les is the best English teacher I’ve ever met. He is patient, friendly, kind and passionate.

His class is very interesting! I took his class everyday on weekdays,

and I never feel bored on his class. Les has a lot of experience in teaching English,

and he always encourages me.

With his help, I improved a lot both in speaking and in writing.

I always feel free when asking him questions about English,

and he is always patient to answer my questions. He is really a nice teacher!








Happy student now in NYC

Jen, now a programming graduate in NYC



Les is not only a great English teacher, but also a very nice gentleman to meet and get along with. He has a passion for helping people around the world learn english, and is considerate enough to provide different people with personalized and professional lessons.

He is definitely one of the best choices in the world for people who are eager to improve their oral and written English, especially for those who has relatively restricted access to expose themselves in English environments or reached a plateau during the pursuit of a higher language level.

Les实乃良师益友,他热爱英语教育事业,对帮助来自世界各地的人们学习英文充满激情, 并且人很好很体贴,能够针对不同需求的人给出个性化的专业的课程方案。

如果您身处非英文环境中,想要提高自己的英文水平,或者觉得自己到了瓶颈期, 希望有人帮助寻求正确的前进方向, Les应当是您理想的选择.

Ming, now working for a technology company, California, USA



Les is really a good teacher.

What I am most impressed is that he will polish

almost every sentences I say. From vocabulary to sentence structure,

he gives me very detailed advice to make my sentences sound more authentic.⊙ω⊙

And… it’s comfortable to talk to Les.*罒▽罒*

Les 是个好老师没错啦~(在网上找老师有种东一头西一头的感觉。。





老师挺逗的。〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

Ming Ming-Student, China


Les is the best English teacher I have ever met, he is students’ best friend

to help you improve your English.He is a fantastic teacher,

who took his job incredibly seriously.Besides, he prepared personalised classes,

and was very focused in my areas of need.I learned a lot from Les.

I am very lucky to have Les as my English teacher. He is so patient and knowledgeable,

we talked a lot.




Owen, student in China starting University





Les is a competent teacher with patience. He offers me various kinds of

inspiring videos involving landscapes, technology, culture and so on.

Moreover, he will patiently polish my articles and make them more authentic.

Therefore, my writing skill has improved step by step.

Learning with les can really make a difference!




Stacey, now a licensed lawyer in China






一句话概述: 教学非常负责,教学方法独到,声音好听,为人真诚友善。 

详细: 教学非常负责,能快速定位学生的英语水平。让学生描述一些自然现象,





I come from Beijing, after several contacts with the teacher(Les),

he left me a very memorable impression, described as follows;

In a word, He is very responsible, and teaching methods are original,

his sound is pleasant, and also he is very sincere and friendly person.Detailed:

Teaching is very responsible and can quickly locate students’ English level.Maybe the most effective way to

learn a language is to ask students to describe some natural phenomena and then help them to modify

the way they think in English, that is he did for me. Les is sincere and kind, his voice is very good and his

knowledge is very wide.

I hope there will be more opportunities for cooperation.

Thank you Les.

Andy, Professional Engineer, China

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