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Document proofreading and editing service

I also offer an English language document proofreading and editing service.

document proofreading and editing

brainstorming and getting it right

Do you have a legal, technical, or any other type of document(s) that you require to be checked and edited?

Ensure it’s all correct

I can carefully peruse through your document(s), be it; legal, technical or whatever else you may have, and verify the correct use of grammar, format, punctuation, and the best words are being used, and that whatever message you are trying to get across is being conveyed in the best possible way.

Errors in documents can creep up, and are bad for business, as they will convey a sense of unprofessionalism, and can be a possible deal-breaker.

When it just has to be correct, turn to a professional, someone who’s been doing this day in and day out for years.

I charge hourly for this service, which is a very reasonable $US22/hr.

All documents sent to me will be treated in a confidential manner.

Work with a perfectionist

I am a Professional online native English teacher, and have been doing so since 2017-please feel free to read some of the testimonials of my past and present students (on the testimonials page).

I am very picky and am known for being a perfectionist. I’m sure you agree, that when it comes to document proofreading and editing, online translators simply can’t do the job.

Please contact me via email on my contact page to get the ball rolling.

Looking forward to helping you or your team with your project.

I can also do the same with any audio or visual material you may have.

If you are writing or doing business with the latin market, the same service in the Spanish language is also available.

To arrange a free English class contact me here

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