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Professional TEFL certified native English teacher. Discounted trial class

✔Professional native English TEFL certified educator teaching online since 2017. ⭐️✔️Learn to think in English as a native!! ⭐️Customized highly Interactive classes!! ✔️⭐️Learn English online using videochat⭐️Affordable rates✔️Educational one on one classes on a wide variety of subjects for adults using video chat.✔️ Learn American English online by speaking one on one, reading, viewing videos, and practicing written text. ✔️I create customized classes according to my student's learning ability, and goals.✔️ 🙂 I live in Latin America 🇲🇽, so I can speak Spanish also, quite well. (I can speak Spanish but I do not teach it).Learn day to day English that native speaker's use! ✔️ I am an X corp. president/business owner, with a lot of experience in Canada, the USA, and Mexico. So if you are curious about life here I can help you a lot! 😉 ⭐️Help with essays, proofreading texts, writing blogs, web pages✔️⭐️ I'll help you earn 💲more money💲, get a better job/promotion, make more friends worldwide, and change your life! ✔️😀 learn american english online using videochat

learn english online today

Learn to speak like a native

I teach All 4 skills…reading, writing, listening, and speaking, all of which you get tested for in IELTS; an international standardized test of English language proficiency for non-native English language speakers. These tests are usually a prerequisite before going to study or work in a foreign land. As of 2020 I will also teach cryptocurrency, and blockchain to anybody interested! Skills for the 21st century! Learn with someone able to teach a lot more than simply English, receive a total learning experience.

Learn by speaking, viewing and writing about videos, and with written materials all customized to your level. I teach all levels, from beginner to advanced. I also teach business English, and help you prepare for English tests such as IELTS.

Learn idioms, expressions, and slangs. These vary depending on which area, and in which country you may be in at any given time. English is a language which is continuously evolving, you only have to watch movies made in different eras to notice differences. I teach American English because it’s the most widely used form of English worldwide, but I can also consult you on other forms of English, such as British and Australian.

Custom classes for all learning levels

Order one of my 60+ custom classes, depending on your English skill level right now. 🙂If you do not know your skill level, book a test class with me, so I can determine your English communication level quickly, and so I can customize classes for you! 🙂 If you wish to purchase a custom class, please purchase time here, and then set up a schedule by emailing me.

Daily Communication lessons by subject - beginner/intermediate level


*Introduce yourself

*Saying hello

*Your family

*your hometown

*Planning for the weekend



*Working late

*Extended family

*last vacation

*Weather in San Francisco

*Dining out

*Favorite movies

*Favorite restaurant

*High school



*Expressing likes and dislikes

*Different cultures

*Joining the gym

*Saying thank you

*Saying sorry

*Expressing concern

*Expressing excitement

*Being surprised

*Recommending something

*Asking for advice

*Making excuses

*The past

*Asking for help

*Your first job

*your first date

*Going on a road trip

*Travelling abroad


*Checking in at the airport


*Cooking instructions


*Renting an apartment


*Traffic accidents

*Fire safety

*Meeting new people


*Bad habits

*Protecting the environment

*Going to the beach

*let's go shopping

*Going to a casino

*About your health

*Preparing to go hiking

*Around the neighborhood

*The most memorable person in your life


Writing Lesson - All levels


We collaborate on a document together.1 lesson 60 minutes


Document editing session or mock job interview - all levels

A totally customized lesson for you to help you with a job interview. Please send me the type of job you are applying before the lesson, and information on the Company if you have it, so I can customize this for your situation. Please send me these infos. as soon as possible so I have a bit of time to prepare. 1 session60 minutes (if you need more time, simply purchase additional sessions).


Video lesson - Intermediate to advanced


A totally customized lesson just for you! Watch a video according to your likes. Answer questions/topics on the video that I've sent you, by writing out your answers one by one. Come class time we go over everything together! An excellent way to learn!

You learn; how to choose correct words, compose sentences, more advanced words, how to write, how day to day English is used.


About me

I am a TEFL certified native English educator teaching online since 2017. I have a neutral accent, so I am easy to understand. I can speak English and Spanish, as I live in Mexico. My timezone is GMT-5. I enjoy helping others learn English. 

I have a lot of content available for you, and a world of experience for you to take advantage of, at a very reasonable rate!


Communication will open up your world!

Get ahead, get a job promotion, a transfer to a foreign land, get an opportunity to attend a school that interests you, and earn more money doing what you want to do. Learning how to communicate properly will open up many doors to you.

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